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Ashley Sawatsky, Owner of Sawatsky Designs and creator of Pinnacle Earthmoving, had it's start 11 years ago and since endured an intense mechanical designing background in many industries, and has translated that knowledge into the earthmoving industry, which has became proven across the nation to hold up even to the harshest environments. That experience and expertise, led to the first Pinnacle Earthmoving Leveler in 2012.  After years of use and observation, this led Ashley Sawatsky, to believe the market was ready for a whole new level of precision earthmoving equipment. 


In 2015, the second wave of designs and ideas became reality by putting the new Pinnacle Earthmoving, along with best in industry.  After years of testing and trial, the results once again proved that the hard work and dedication of Sawatsky’s designing, paid off. 


Our product is suited for everything from the reclamation of land, moving large quantity of soil to the fine precision shaping of land to maximize yields and lower input costs. 

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